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Freight shipping at DFDS continues around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This story in our series ‘Camera Travelling the World’ is a good demonstration of how work on board ship never ends.

This week’s photographer is 36-year old Fredrik Reis, presently employed as Chief Officer on board MAGNOLIA SEAWAYS. He has been with our company since 2007. Prior to that, he worked at sea with several Swedish shipping companies. Fredrik lives in Gothenburg with his wife. And, not surprisingly, one of his hobbies is photography !

Bridge of a vessel

One of Fredrik’s hobbies is photographer. This picture is definitely a proof of that

Eight hours in port for loading operations

The vessel MAGNOLIA SEAWAYS serves the freight route Ghent – Gothenburg, including two calls a week at the Norwegian port of Brevik. We are usually in port for about 8 hours to discharge cargo and take on new cargo. Then we depart for the return journey. A single voyage between Gothenburg and Ghent takes about 32 hours, so we don’t want to spend too much time in port”.

MAGNOLIA can accommodate trailers and containers and has two extra car decks to provide more space for automotive cargo. “The picture shows how we loaded cars in Gothenburg destined for Ghent. On an average departure, we carry about 400 units; cars, trailers and containers”.

Car deck on a vessel

Arriving at the next destination

 “We serve this route with three ships. There is always one ship at sea, and two in one of the ports. This picture was taken at 04:55 hours when we arrived in Ghent. Proof indeed that we do work around the clock! It’s a magnificent view passing through the canal at this time of the day!”

Ghent Terneuzen Canal

After leaving Ghent, the crew heads north to Gothenburg and twice a week they call at Brevik. “Here you see Norwegian stevedores at the North Sea terminal in Brevik securing tank containers for shipment to Ghent“.

Lashing containers

Our work at sea

While we are at sea, the crew is engaged in various tasks. These vary from maintenance work to participating in drills. “At least twice a month the crew conducts a fire drill. A test can include practice in searching through cabins or training in the use of survival suits in our own swimming pool on the upper deck.”

Safety drill

Other jobs include maintenance. This photograph shows one of our vessel maintenance crew, Able Seaman Daniel Crona removing rust on the forecastle of the ship. Two monhts later, the result is amazing! The deck crew, Arne Sörensen, Björn Johnsson, Daniel Crona, Göran Frölich deserves a big thank you as the forecastle looks as if it is brand new again”.

Ship maintenance

During maintenance work…

Ship maintenance

… And after the hard work!

After working hours we like to…

The crew members work and life together for a couple of weeks. When they finish work they will spend their spare time in the living room, their own cabins or they will head to the crew’s kitchen. “When we finish work, we like to go to the crew’s restaurant for a delicious meal cooked by our excellent Chief Steward Sefik Kalkan. He is always surprising us, and he once baked a cake for one of our younger passengers who happened to celebrate her birthday on board! Sometimes it is the small gestures that make people happy”.


At lot of things can be said about life at sea, but don’t underestimate the destinations we sail to. This picture is taken outbound from Brevik in Norway, which is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful ports where DFDS calls regularly.”

That’s a beautiful statement to end this story. Thanks to Fredrik for sharing his pictures. We’ll be back with a new story in two weeks from now.  


The surroundings near Brevik are beautiful according to the Fredrik


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