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We would like to give you a look behind the scenes of our company. Naturally, we are curious to hear what you think. So give us your feedback via the reply form which you can find at the bottom of each story. Or you can contact us directly and email your questions, photos or videos to

We have set up some house rules to create a pleasant and constructive environment where we can connect. We reserve the right to remove comments, so please respect the following guidelines.

Our Guidelines

  1. Keep it short and to the point.
  2. Use the English language.
  3. Don’t use offensive, obscene or inappropriate language.
  4. This is not the place for attacks on groups or persons, nor is it permitted to post discriminatory comments or incorrect information.
  5. Spam is not accepted. Like publishing identical content repeatedly, posting a link without any introduction or off-topic posting.
  6. This is not the place to advertise or promote your services or products.
  7. For all questions about bookings or doing business with us, please visit or
  8. Job applications are not accepted here. If you are interested in working at DFDS, please have a look at

 Thank you for contributing to a pleasant environment where we can connect!

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